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04 January 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Alright, let's just get this straight here.
This is a public entry -- I don't normally do this, but I've been getting a lot of messages and mentions, so I'm doing it. I don't know how long I'll keep it public though, so yeah.

And just for your reference, if I say "I", I obviously mean me. If I say "my husband", I obviously mean...well, my husband. The point is that I'm not using names. Got it? Good.

HL = the atrocity that usually is Hollywood Life
PH = Palihouse
J & J = Jenny & Johnny

Sorry if I forgot any abbreviations I used, have questions just ask.

Now let's get to what you all came for, yes? P.S. I'm telling the WHOLE story from start to finish, so buckle up, it's going to be a trip.


Let me just state for the record that this is the truth, 10000 percent. If you know me at all, you know I've been around for awhile, I've been modding for awhile and I take this shit seriously. So if you must, go ahead and quote me on this.

This isn't a "OMG I saw them and they were all over each other and blah blah blah" post, so if you're looking for that, go find some fic or something ;)

I'll start at the beginning. We're in Los Angeles for our anniversary (me and the husband), we got here on the 27th. Now let me just say that my husband has no interest whatsoever in R & K (although he will tell you that they're definitely together if you ask him -- he says "I'm not blind, they're doing it", he's awesome). I think we all remember back to 2009 and the gloriousness that was the MTV Movie Awards that year. And if you remember that, you remember where R & K stayed, right? Well I had it bookmarked, and my husband is a nosy bastard so...we ended up staying at The Charlie. I cannot even begin to describe my excitement when he told me. He tried super hard to keep it a secret, but of course he spilled...oh well.

So we got here and we're all settled in, and it's fucking gorgeous. So glad I have a nosy husband. Anyway, we did a bunch of shit (like Disneyland!) and then he started giving me anniversary presents. First one was tickets to see Coldplay in August. If you follow me on Twitter and you actually read my tweets (love you if you do, btw), you'll know that I was majorly bummed that I didn't get tickets when they first went on sale. Well no need to be bummed, because he got them for me. I can't believe I get to see Chris and Guy live and just...ugh. That's a different story for another time though :)

Lemme get back on track here. So first anniversary present, Coldplay tickets. Second day there, he gives me my second anniversary present, and I'm wondering how many there are going to be, no joke. Well...second gift is just as amazing as the first. Now I know he did this on his own because he knows me so well, so I was genuinely impressed. And I know he did it awhile back because it'd been sold out for awhile but whatever, back to the point. The gift -- tickets to Jenny Lewis's show at The Standard on NYE. Wait, are you shitting yourself? Because I think I did when he told me.

It then dawned on me that R & K could be there because K loves Jenny. I started shitting myself even more. I kept trying to think of ways to avoid embarrassing myself, but came up with none. It's okay though, because they ended up not going, but that part is coming up.

The 30th, we went to Monterrey Bay Aquarium. If you live in the area or if you're on vacation like us and you've never been there, GO. It's huge and completely gorgeous and I made my 6 year old jealous by going there lol. I actually called and Facetimed with him there so he could see it, and he told me I had to bring him next time.

Anyway we did that, next day was NYE, and I think I blew up everyone's feed with my nervous paranoia. Read fic to pass my time. Skyped with my kids, during which one of my youngest told me which dress to wear -- "Sparklies mama, cause is night time" -- adorable. Got pissed because I couldn't find one of Lindsay's old fics that I really wanted to read. Then we left and I felt like I was going to explode.

A kind of cute guy hit on me at the bar once we got there...this is besides the point, but it made me feel awesome. Don't worry, I didn't respond, I'm married, duh. So we're there, show starts, and there's no sign of them. Well of course not, because they weren't there, but anyways. Place was packed and the show was fantastic. If you ever have the opportunity to see Jenny live, take it.

In between Cults and Jenny & Johnny, I checked Twitter. I was bored, get over it. This was about the time that everyone was freaking out about the HL thing. I read it, then saw the tweets that apparently confirmed it, thought it was shit and said it. I mean, the article was 3 hours old and those tweets were exact, dead on with details straight from the article. I thought it was bull, so I shook it off.

Midnight came, I was (a little) drunk, rang in the new year with a kiss from the husband and continued to be amazed by J & J. Show was over at about 1ish. We left for Palihouse then. Can I just say again that my husband is a little bit fantastic? He had no clue about the HL thing, obviously I didn't say anything because I didn't believe it, I also knew he wouldn't really care haha. He had asked his friends about what to do after the show, they recommended PH and that's how we ended up there.

PH is great as well. Super charming and all around adorable. I did the smart thing and stuck my phone away because I knew I'd be drinking and drunk me has no filter -- though I'd spare the Twitterverse that much. I was on my first drink when something caught my eye. Not anything huge, like "OMG LOOK AT ME I'M OVER HERE", just someone walking, so of course I looked out of curiosity, because I always look at shit like that. I don't even know who had been walking (pretty sure it was just a random) but he walked past a table that I had failed to notice in my slightly drunken haze.

I was on my fourth drink of the night. Now, be aware that drinks that you don't mix yourself aren't as strong, so that's why I was still standing upright. And this was the first real time since having children that I legitimately got to have a drink in public with my husband, so I was enjoying it and didn't really care about anything. This is important later, I promise. So the random walks past this table filled with people, I look and then I stop looking, no big deal. And then I was like, WAIT. Something at that table looks slightly familiar. Now you can laugh at what I thought if you want, because I'm laughing right now. Like I said, there was liquor involved.

I looked back at the table for maybe 3 seconds. Long enough to see some people I didn't recognize, but also long enough to see 2 people I did recognize and long enough for me to almost choke on the straw in my drink when I saw them. I'm not even kidding you, it's like seeing a dog walk on it's hind legs. I snapped back around pretty quick because I didn't want to be the creepy girl who stares. But I wanted to stare, trust me. I wanted to stare forever, never let them out of my sight, talk about TGC -- the whole nine yards. But I didn't, so that makes me not a creeper, right?

Okay, so now I know they're there, and I'm embarrassed because all the fic that I've read has tainted my mind and everything that I was thinking was dirty. That was probably the booze too, but whatever. I was just thinking (besides dirty things) that it was nice that they were there and that no one was bothering them. I was also thinking "HOLY FUCK HL WAS RIGHT ABOUT SOMETHING". That one made me almost choke on my straw again, because HL is never right about anything. Now I was on my fifth drink (my last for the night, thank you very much lol). Husband was saying something to me but I totally spaced out and definitely wasn't paying any attention to him whatsoever. Poor guy.

I was minding my own business and saying something about the kids when it happened. You know when you know a voice so well, you'd recognize it anywhere at anytime? Welp, that happened to me. A voice that I'll describe as pure sex was coming from behind me and all I could do was blush. I'm not talking an "Oh, woe is me" blush, I was full on tomato red.

T asked me after I told her if he still had his beard. I'm forever embarrassed because I couldn't look. Not because I didn't want to, but because like I said, I was bright red, not to mention I was drunk and there was no filter. I didn't need to embarrass myself by turning around and telling him to go make a baby with his girlfriend, that's just weird. And yeah I saw him from across the room before that, but I can assure you there was no spotlight on his face so that I could check for the presence of his facial hair. His back was mostly turned to me anyway, for the most part I saw K.

Now I could spin this and tell you that he came to the bar for no apparent reason, we talked and all this other shit. But that'd be a lie, a good one at that, but a lie nonetheless. What really happened is that he came to the bar to grab a beer and a water, and I hid my face and gulped down my Long Island like it was the only glass of water left in the desert. Once he went back to the table, my husband ever so lovingly proceeded to laugh at me and the color of my face. RUDE.

After that, I pretty much floated through the rest of the night. Idk when they left, I didn't look again before we left at like 230. We went back to the bungalow and I just laid there with this stupid look on my face until 4ish when I finally fell asleep. I haven't been screaming it from the rooftops or blasting it all over Twitter, mainly because I honestly don't want the attention. 

While I do understand why it's considered "special", it didn't really feel like that. Granted, I was and still am very giddy about it, but it didn't feel like this big, grand event. Sure, they're huge stars, they're amazing, we all know that. I think what I'm trying to say is it didn't feel like they were. There was no huge bodyguard, no "posse" or whatever the fuck you want to call it. It was just a couple with some of their friends celebrating the new year.

It was almost like they were...wait for it...normal people. Well that's because they are. And it was very refreshing to see them by themselves, just being with their friends without a bunch of people hovering asking for autographs and pictures.

So...am I kicking myself in the ass because I didn't get a memento from this joyous occasion? You bet your ass I am. But I'm not really mad about it, not at all. I would've loved a picture, I would've loved to tell K how excited we all are for SWATH, and let's not even think about what my words about Bel Ami would've been (inappropriate lolz), but I just couldn't. I don't know if anyone will understand this, but it was so perfect I couldn't interrupt, know what I mean?

I guess I get why everyone is so interested in hearing this. It is a big deal, and I'll admit that seeing 2 people you adore and respect is overwhelming. But I think the main point of this should be not that I saw them, but that they were there having a good time undisturbed, the way it should be all the time.

And anyways, the bigger deal to me was blushing something fierce and hiding my face from one of the sexiest men on the planet. Nice job, self, nice job. Next time (if there is a next time), I'm going to aim for speaking. At least saying hello, and not making myself look like a dumbass. Wish me luck.


Oh and here's a little something else. My husband thought this whole ordeal was hilarious...until I told him K was there too. He has a major crush on her, it's the cutest thing. I told him that, and guess who blushed...not me ;)

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Wouldn't you like to know.: Rob / who me?mama_harris on January 5th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
Re: Thank You
Awwwww I'm totally and most definitely blushing again :)
But thank you! I always go by "treat others the way you'd want to be treated", so it made perfect and complete sense to just leave them be.

AND...I followed you. That mention is from me :D